Mission Statement

This Mission Statement and Manifesto is a call to the American people to join together to break the chaos that is facing this country because of a an outrageously expensive healthcare system. The current system is not meeting their health needs, and we need to work together to develop an effective healthcare system that is affordable to the people and to the nation.

The purpose of the Revolutionary HQ is to bring together the citizens and residents of the United States in a joint effort to resolve this problem. The continued delay in doing this is seriously hindering the ability of the economy and the society to move forward.

A well run healthcare program can be achieved at half of the current cost, and allow Americans to still get the same level of healthcare.

About half the cost of healthcare is wasted. This waste amounts to more than twice the cost of all branches of the US military.

An efficient healthcare system will allow the U.S. to pay off all of the national debt without raising taxes.

It is costing an American family of four over $16,000 a year which are paid by personal costs, health insurance or through taxes. This amounts to $160,000 in 10 years, and close to a half a million dollars over thirty years. These funds are needed by the family to pay off student loans, their mortgage for the family home and to save for a secure retirement.

Both political parties refuse to realistically and effectively focus on this issue. The democrats want to subsidize healthcare for more people which will only cause the total cost to increase. The Republicans with the tea party are concerned with curtailing any spending for healthcare which will leave many people without healthcare.

The Revolutionary HQ is dedicated to stopping this nonsense and getting the government to deal with our present healthcare system that is not only unaffordable, but hindering the development of this nation.

The Revolution HQ calls on the American people to join the revolution by following us on Twitter and Facebook, to receive communiques and to respond to the communiques by tweeting to the world “ON WITH THE REVOLUTION” or posting it on their Facebook page.

The Revolution HQ calls on the American people who have joined the revolution to pass the message and purpose of the revolution to their family, friends and people where they work. Once a million people a day are following the revolution and are telling the world of the need for the revolution, then officially we will have a revolution.

Revolution HQ
calls on all congressmen and senators to pledge not to accept any political or other support from the healthcare system. This system has already spent too much money in swaying congress which has not been to the benefit of the country.

Revolutionary HQ calls on the government to establish a single payer health insurance program that will allow every American to get healthcare. This alone will reduce healthcare insurance costs by 17%

Revolutionary HQ calls on the government to establish serious programs that will encourage Americans to engage in healthier lifestyles, so they can remain healthy.

The Revolutionary HQ calls on the administration to investigate abusive practices by the drug industry; these significantly raise the costs of drugs in the U.S. far above what they cost in every other developed country.

The Revolutionary HQ calls on the drug industry to stop collaborating with each other to prolong the monopolistic profits they have made once a drugs patent has expired.

The Revolutionary HQ calls on the administration to enforce the anti-trust laws against hospitals that charge outrageous prices for services.

The Revolutionary HQ calls on the healthcare professionals to avoid conflicts of interest by not investing in drugs, hospitals and medical equipment operators and manufacturers that they use in their profession.

The Revolution HQ calls on Congress, the President and the American people to work together, across party lines, to build a healthcare system within five years, that will be no more expensive than 11% of gross domestic product.

When the goals of the manifesto are achieved, the American people will have more resources to invest in their education, their homes, and to save for retirement. The country will once again look to the future with a belief that we are the best in the world. It is your country, it is your future, it is up to you to see that the revolution is successful.

Issued this day by:

Revolutionary HQ
Stanton Braverman, Director

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