June 13, 2014

Playing with Healthcare Statistics

Sorry for the delay in reporting but problems in the home front have distracted me. I now have the following to report that is based on statistics provided by the Kaiser Foundation.

I have been playing with healthcare statistics today and shmiggeled the numbers the administration has presented to the public and came up with the following. Prior to 2014 there were 71 million people in the US without healthcare. Along comes the Affordable healthcare Act and the numbers change. Of all the uninsured they will be as follows:

12 million adults can get medicaid if all states go along with it
7.8 children will get medicaid if all states go along with it.
19.1 million can get health insurance at subsidized rates from the exchange
24.1 million may be able to get insurance through the exchange but do not qualify for any subsidy
7.1 million will not be able to get any health insurance from any source about half are classified as legal and illegal immigrants.

The result is that we will still have millions of people without insurance. Some will be illegal immigrants, some will be young healthy people who would rather pay the penalty and many will be from states that refuse to go along with ACA. So after spending a shit load of money on a new system, with the insurance companies making out like bandits we still are the only developed country that does not cover everyone and costs double or more what every other developed country pays.This country is amazingly ripe for a revolution.

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