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The American healthcare system is currently waisting somewhere between $800 billion to a Trillion dollars a year.

This waste is $16,000 a year for a family of four. It is about half million dollars for the family over a 30 year period of an American’s working carried. That is the money that the family needs to pay down the mortgage, pay for their children’s education and save for retirement which most families cannot do. This waste supports the very rich and is killing the middle class. They keep it going by excessive lobbying of Congress and monopolistic practices. Neither party is willing to properly deal with the issue.

But the Revolutionary HQ is willing to take on the giant. We have the tool to do it. It is the internet and twitter.

We need one million people a day to follow RevHQ on twitter and to read the daily communique and if as upset with things as we are they are to twitter to the world “ON WITH THE REVOLUTION”. It is simple but effective. When a million people a day tell the world, tell Congress, the President and the other Americans that we have had enough of a wasteful healthcare system then we can begin to turn things around.

Obamacare will only raise the costs to higher levels that will be paid by the American public through higher taxes. The republicans continuously attack Obamacare but refuse to propose a realistic solution because they are also controlled by the lobbyists.


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