June 28, 2014

Healthcare killing US economy

Communique from RevHq. The US economy from Jan 1 to March 31, 2014 fell by over 2%. That shows US economy is going no place. Unemployment to continue. The same period saw the Affordable Healthcare Act get into full swing. Many people had to buy insurance, families had less money to spend and the economy goes backwards. Most American families are struggling to meet day to day needs. A few years ago they got hit with massive increases in the cost of gas and their ability to get to work was curtailed. I saw many men and woman crying at the gas pumps as they struggled to put up the few dollars to get enough money to go to work. Follow that by massive housing bankruptcies, lost jobs or new jobs at lower incomes. And then in 2014 they are hit with mandatory healthcare payments to companies that are very rich. Walmart and Target have announced decrease in sales for three quarters in a row because the squeeze on the people is getting to tight. Yet the government does not seem to see this. They claim the drop in GDP is because of bad weather. To the RevHQ it is from a bad smell coming from Washington and Wall Street. They look to corporate profits, the price of stocks on the NY Stock Exchange. They announce that the unemployment levels have dropped but that is not because people have found jobs. It is because 600,000 Americans have just given up looking for work. The American people are now so poor that even the middle class is classified as being poor. The Affordable Healthcare Act will subsidize healthcare where family income is four times the published poverty level. To survive in America today you have to be rich. You have to reach out to be one of the 0ne Percent of the population that own it all. But all of this can change if we take the one trillion dollars a year wasted on healthcare and give it back to the people.

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