February 12, 2014

There is an article on NPR about the Federal debt and that is has greatly improved. I totally disagree with this article. I tried to post the following comment but found I could not do it. Here is what I wanted to post.

“This is an interesting article claiming once again the economy is doing good. There are a couple of issues with the article. First once interest rates start to climb then the cost of the outstanding federal debt will explode because if is all funded by short term debt at very low interest rates. Second, soon the cost of all the subsidized health insurance policies will have to be paid and that will also explode the deficit. Once again the administration is claiming success while the ship continues to sink. The only answer out of this mess is to get the cost of healthcare in line with what every other developed country pays and that would save us well over $800 billion a year which is enough to pay down the debt and allow the country and the middle class to go on with their lives. The final interesting aspect of this article is that for unknown reasons, NPR cut me off from posting a comment. It is time for the revolution.” -

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