February 10, 2014

Found on line the other night an article about kidney dialysis in America.

There is a growing trend towards using portable dialysis machines instead of having the patient go to dialysis centers. The machine is basically the size of a small suitcase and easy to move around. People who use it at home every night are not only in better physical shape but they live longer and ofter can go back to work. The only difficulty with the machine is that it is necessary for the patient to get to back up support at home on using it which exists in most cases. However it is not being extensively used in the US because of the way the medicare system works. They pay a lot of money per day for the patient to go to the centers and not as much for the portable machine and the doctors like the money.

It turns out that two major companies operate all most all of the dialysis centers in the US that earn them billions of dollars and they just do not want to give up that easy money even if it is actually killing people. (the death rate from using the portable machine is half of the rate in centers). The report also said that overseas and in Canada the use of the portable machines has been increasing. The article then said that the wasted money in the US system is about 8 Billion a year. This is just another example of how the US healthcare system is not only expensive but is a leading cause of death. This is why we need the revolution.

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