Revolution Head Quarters (RevHQ) is structured as a general corporation and is not a non profit organization for tax purposes. Consequently it is not possible to claim any donation as a charitable contribution for tax purposes. This structure was chosen to avoid the controls and reviews by the IRS and other government agencies that will occur if such a non profit classification is requested. Because the organization is focusing on initiating a non violent revolution it is best to have as little government interference as possible. All donations will be used in the operation of the organization and it is expected that there were be no profit to report to the IRS. In the event RevHQ feels that it has sufficient reserves to meet expected operational costs for the next six months then we will notify followers that further donations are not needed at this time.

RevHQ will be sending out communiques to it followers. If a recipient of the communique finds the information informative and wishes to act in a way to counter balance the adverse behavior by the healthcare industry you are asked to do the following: Click that you like the communique, email to or a public twitter the following message: “ON WITH THE REVOLUTION” and third make a micro donation to the revolution.

RevHQ is seeking micro contributions. We would like the contributions to be less than one dollar. There are a couple of ways to make such contributions.

1. Paypal. This is a good mechanism for donations through Paypal. (click here for instructions in using Paypal)
2. Credit Cards. A follower may set up a credit card account with RevHQ where micro payments that will be charged to your credit card. If a follower choses to make a donation by credit card we would appreciate if the amount is at least one dollar.

Corporate and business donors.

A number of corporations and professions may want to make donations. They can do so by sending a check to the Revolution HQ at 226 Douglas Ave, Charlottesville. Virginia 22902 For contributions over $100 from a business or a profession the donors name will appear as a business donor if they so request. In the event that such donations are received only the name of the organization or profession will be posted on a web page without stating the amount of the contribution. No donations will be accepted from any business or profession for more than $500.