Hospitals consolidation Leads to High Increase in Healthcare costs

The USG predicts that healthcare costs with continue to rise even though they are ridiculously high. They will do it in two ways. First, they will continue to purchase medical practices and bring them into the hospital. They will pay the doctors and will require doctors to meet numerous quotas such as a specified number of x-rays, blood tests and even patients for the OR. Doctors that fail to meet their quota will be terminated. Many of the medical procedures previously done in a doctors office will be done in the hospital at significantly higher prices. This increase in healthcare spending will be most of the $160 billion increase in healthcare spending during the next ten year. Most of this consolidation is in violation of the antitrust laws but the Obama Administration is letting them get away with it. You can fight back by twittering etc “ON WITH THE REVOLUTION”


There are 21 million college students studying of full time and part time basis. If we gave everyone of them $20,000 a year for this education it would cost $420 billion a year. That is less than half of the wasted money for healthcare. The government pays for this waste by borrowing at one percent a year. They want the student to take out student loans from a bank at rates as high as 7%. Outstanding student loans are over a trillion dollars. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. Join and lets get America back on the road to a solid economy. A COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT INVEST IN ITS YOUTH WILL FIND THE YOUTH WILL NOT INVEST IN IT. ON WITH THE REVOLUTION

June 13, 2014

Playing with Healthcare Statistics

Sorry for the delay in reporting but problems in the home front have distracted me. I now have the following to report that is based on statistics provided by the Kaiser Foundation.

I have been playing with healthcare statistics today and shmiggeled the numbers the administration has presented to the public and came up with the following. Prior to 2014 there were 71 million people in the US without healthcare. Along comes the Affordable healthcare Act and the numbers change. Of all the uninsured they will be as follows:

12 million adults can get medicaid if all states go along with it
7.8 children will get medicaid if all states go along with it.
19.1 million can get health insurance at subsidized rates from the exchange
24.1 million may be able to get insurance through the exchange but do not qualify for any subsidy
7.1 million will not be able to get any health insurance from any source about half are classified as legal and illegal immigrants.

The result is that we will still have millions of people without insurance. Some will be illegal immigrants, some will be young healthy people who would rather pay the penalty and many will be from states that refuse to go along with ACA. So after spending a shit load of money on a new system, with the insurance companies making out like bandits we still are the only developed country that does not cover everyone and costs double or more what every other developed country pays.This country is amazingly ripe for a revolution.

June 28, 2014

Healthcare killing US economy

Communique from RevHq. The US economy from Jan 1 to March 31, 2014 fell by over 2%. That shows US economy is going no place. Unemployment to continue. The same period saw the Affordable Healthcare Act get into full swing. Many people had to buy insurance, families had less money to spend and the economy goes backwards. Most American families are struggling to meet day to day needs. A few years ago they got hit with massive increases in the cost of gas and their ability to get to work was curtailed. I saw many men and woman crying at the gas pumps as they struggled to put up the few dollars to get enough money to go to work. Follow that by massive housing bankruptcies, lost jobs or new jobs at lower incomes. And then in 2014 they are hit with mandatory healthcare payments to companies that are very rich. Walmart and Target have announced decrease in sales for three quarters in a row because the squeeze on the people is getting to tight. Yet the government does not seem to see this. They claim the drop in GDP is because of bad weather. To the RevHQ it is from a bad smell coming from Washington and Wall Street. They look to corporate profits, the price of stocks on the NY Stock Exchange. They announce that the unemployment levels have dropped but that is not because people have found jobs. It is because 600,000 Americans have just given up looking for work. The American people are now so poor that even the middle class is classified as being poor. The Affordable Healthcare Act will subsidize healthcare where family income is four times the published poverty level. To survive in America today you have to be rich. You have to reach out to be one of the 0ne Percent of the population that own it all. But all of this can change if we take the one trillion dollars a year wasted on healthcare and give it back to the people.

February 18, 2014

There is an article in the Kaiser Health News that was reported by NPR that the most expensive cost of healthcare tend to be in regions in the US here there is only one major hospital and they are able to set abusive prices. The article points out that the government tried to use the antitrust laws to force these hospitals to allow for more competition but was unable to do so for unexplained reasons. This is part of a national trend of the mergers of many hospitals in numerous communities. The government has the authority to use the antitrust laws to stop if but appears to be willing to accommodate the hospitals. Click here to read the article

Revolution HQ believes the government should be vigorous in enforcing the antitrust laws against hospitals because it will be an open door to them to continue raising healthcare costs that should be coming down. Again there is an other reason for supporting the revolution.

February 12, 2014

There is an article on NPR about the Federal debt and that is has greatly improved. I totally disagree with this article. I tried to post the following comment but found I could not do it. Here is what I wanted to post.

“This is an interesting article claiming once again the economy is doing good. There are a couple of issues with the article. First once interest rates start to climb then the cost of the outstanding federal debt will explode because if is all funded by short term debt at very low interest rates. Second, soon the cost of all the subsidized health insurance policies will have to be paid and that will also explode the deficit. Once again the administration is claiming success while the ship continues to sink. The only answer out of this mess is to get the cost of healthcare in line with what every other developed country pays and that would save us well over $800 billion a year which is enough to pay down the debt and allow the country and the middle class to go on with their lives. The final interesting aspect of this article is that for unknown reasons, NPR cut me off from posting a comment. It is time for the revolution.” -

February 10, 2014

Found on line the other night an article about kidney dialysis in America.

There is a growing trend towards using portable dialysis machines instead of having the patient go to dialysis centers. The machine is basically the size of a small suitcase and easy to move around. People who use it at home every night are not only in better physical shape but they live longer and ofter can go back to work. The only difficulty with the machine is that it is necessary for the patient to get to back up support at home on using it which exists in most cases. However it is not being extensively used in the US because of the way the medicare system works. They pay a lot of money per day for the patient to go to the centers and not as much for the portable machine and the doctors like the money.

It turns out that two major companies operate all most all of the dialysis centers in the US that earn them billions of dollars and they just do not want to give up that easy money even if it is actually killing people. (the death rate from using the portable machine is half of the rate in centers). The report also said that overseas and in Canada the use of the portable machines has been increasing. The article then said that the wasted money in the US system is about 8 Billion a year. This is just another example of how the US healthcare system is not only expensive but is a leading cause of death. This is why we need the revolution.

February 9, 2014

A group on Oncologists have gotten together to call for a single payer healthcare system. They claim the current healthcare program is too cumbersome and does not allow for them to meet the needs of their patients and leads to high costs. This is exactly what the Revolutionary HQ is trying to promote. We are glad to see an important part of the healthcare profession to support your goals.

The major problem to achieving this result is the need for us to join together in one voice and tell the Congress, the President and the lobbyists that it is time to end the abuse of the American people. We can do it by getting people to twitter, post on Facebook, use email and say On With The Revolution. Click here for the article