February 7, 2014

The American healthcare system is currently waisting somewhere between $800 billion to a Trillion dollars a year. This waste is $16,000 a year for a family of four. It is about half million dollars for the family over a 30 year period of an American’s working carried. That is the money that the family needs to pay down the mortgage, pay for their children’s education and save for retirement which most families cannot do. This waste supports the very rich and is killing the middle class. They keep it going by excessive lobbying of Congress and monopolistic practices.

Neither party is willing to properly deal with the issue. But the Revolutionary HQ is willing to take on the giant. We have the tool to do it. It is the internet and twitter. We need one million people a day to follow RevHQ on twitter and to read the daily communique and if as upset with things as we are they are to twitter to the world “ON WITH THE REVOLUTION”. It is simple but effective. When a million people a day tell the world, tell Congress, the President and the other Americans that we have had enough of a wasteful healthcare system then we can begin to turn things around.

Obamacare will only raise the costs to higher levels that will be paid by the American public through higher taxes. The republicans continuously attack Obamacare but refuse to propose a realistic solution because they are also controlled by the lobbyists.


February 6, 2014

Found on line the other night an article about kidney dialysis in America. There is a growing trend towards using portable dialysis machines instead of having the patient go to dialysis centers. The machine is basically the size of a small suitcase and easy to move around. People who use it at home every night are not only in better physical shape but they live longer and ofter can go back to work. The only difficulty with the machine is that it is necessary for the patient to get to back up support at home on using it which exists in most cases.

However it is not being extensively used in the US because of the way the medicare system works. They pay a lot of money per day for the patient to go to the centers and not as much for the portable machine and the doctors like the money. It turns out that two major companies operate all most all of the dialysis centers in the US that earn them billions of dollars and they just do not want to give up that easy money even if it is actually killing people. (the death rate from using the portable machine is half of the rate in centers). The report also said that overseas and in Canada the use of the portable machines has been increasing.

The article then said that the wasted money in the US system is about 8 Billion a year. This is just another example of how the US healthcare system is not only expensive but is a leading cause of death. This is why we need the revolution.

February 4, 2014

For once I found a ray of hope in the healthcare in the US which I attribute to the AHC. It is the Surgeon General’s report that was released yesterday that nicotine is a lot more dangerous to the public health and further controls are needed including another tax increase and other efforts. I submitted a comment to the news service and below is the email I got from them that they published it. I encourage you to go to the web address that is shown to read the article and my comments.

Basically I argue that the reason for the Surgeon General’s attention now it that the AHC will significantly increase the amount of money that the government will be spending on healthcare to well over 50% and the best way to control these costs is to keep people healthy. The report does not tell us anything we did not already know about nicotine. What is surprising is that it came out now.

In my comment I point out that the US is slowly being pushed toward a Canadian system where the Canadian government pays almost all medical bills has made serious efforts to keep people healthy and does not kowtow to the demands of the private sector healthcare industry. One clear advantage of the Canadian system is that they get to live about two years longer than Americans Hopefully the Obama administration is prepared to continue standing firm agains the tobacco industry.

February 4, 2014

Here is a quote from Bloomberg news about the current status of Obama care. It is says it all. The administration is so desperate to claim success that they are once again redefining the meaning of basic term. This reminds me of the time that Bush W was proudly standing on the aircraft carrier to announce victory in Iraq. Wow, he got a big surprise when he found out that he was wrong.’

“President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul looks extremely unlikely to hit the goal set for it in October: enrolling “at least” 7 million people in exchanges by April. So the administration is redefining success as mere survival for the program.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has already achieved “preliminary sustainability,” an official recently told the National Journal. And what’s making the program sustainable? The prospect of a massive taxpayer bailout.”